How To Learn Python The Easy Way And Not The Way I Did

To make whiteboard coding more fun, use a variety of colored chalk or markers to imitate the look of a Python code editor like Sublime Text, Notepad++ or PyCharm. Teams of software engineers frequently use whiteboards when working on code together. In this browser-based game, kids get a look at Python examples before attempting to complete “missions” with their own code. Most of the game is more text based than CodeCombat, but the problems in each mission can be quite fun to solve. Udemy is an online-course platform that any subject-matter expert can use to create and publish educational content. Potential instructors submit their course ideas, which are evaluated and must be approved by Udemy.

Is Python difficult to learn

But it also offers control and can result in programs that run faster. Manual memory management is not worth it for beginners. Python lets you accomplish a lot in little time because of its high level of abstraction and simple syntax. This means you won’t have to spend hours struggling with tiny details, as you would in other languages. So Python is good for beginners because it has a high level of abstraction — it reads much like English — making learning easier. The truth is, all the concepts you learn transfer from one language to another.

And, if you already made your mind to learn Python in 2022, then there is no better way to start than joiningThe Complete Python Masterclasson Udemy. I have purchased this course for just $10, and it’s full worth of every single penny spent. For a limited-time only, you can purchase best Udemy courses for as low as $14.99! Use this Udemy coupon to save big on in-demand knowledge. There are methods of improving the performance of Python by using back-end serverless architecture without any framework. Nevertheless, speed is not the main priority of Python developers.

Python programming language is easy to learn, compared to any other programming language. If you are very new to computer programming, you might feel it hard to learn at first. But, you will be able to pick it up pretty quickly, and then it will be all fun.

Other interpretations of Python, such as IronPython and RPython don’t use GIL. That is to say, there are many Programming Language Tutorial Uploads on YouTube. Which many people have told and taught in their own way. Find a partner if possible, it will make your coding learning very interesting.


This made the prospect of learning really intimidating. Whenever I hit a challenge, it was made worse by the fact that I was thinking about some mythical Python “finish line” that was still very, very far away. So I picked up a copy of the then-free Learn Python the Hard Way PDF and started trying to work through it.

Cross-language interference occurs across various language transitions on Stack Overflow posts. We found that 61% of the 450 posts contained incorrect assumptions about the target language, and only 39% contained correct assumptions. To answer RQ2 and RQ3, we conducted semistructured interviews with professional programmers.

Let’s compare both programming languages on the basis of the following factors and see which one is better. Python uses new lines to complete a command, as opposed to other programming languages which often use semicolons or parentheses. Beginners are often uncertain about which programming language to learn first. One of the similarities between Python and Java is the sheer number of open source libraries, frameworks, and modules available to do whatever you want to do. This is another reason why programmers are learning Python in 2022.

This course isn’t specifically designed for kids, but the lessons should be suitable for most high school and some middle school students. A for loop How to Hire a Python Developer repeats a series of commands over a sequence of data, like a list. A function is a block of code which performs an action when it is called.

Many types of systems and platforms supported by Python language as well as it is also object oriented programming driven. The language used by most programmers of today is python. Due to many frameworks Python make web programming very flexible.

Is Python difficult to learn

We found a total of 276 instances of incorrect assumptions , which is around 61% of the 450 posts inspected. There were a total of 174 posts with correctly stated assumptions, which is only around 39% of the total posts. It is important to note that this provides evidence of interference occurring but does not imply programmers have incorrect assumptions 61% of the time. The pair had the highest number of posts with incorrect assumptions, which reflects the Java programmer’s confusion mentioned in Section 1.

It’s still possible to develop mobile applications with Python without native platform support. However, we’d require some frameworks or libraries to help make this happen. This is the best language for the learning the programming language.

Is Python Difficult To Learn

Although Scratch is good for elementary school children, it’s easy to outgrow. When we write programs in any programming language like Python, it will be then converted to machine language by programs called compilers or interpreters. So, it will be easy to give instructions to the computer.

Is Python difficult to learn

Node.js has been designed for scalability and supports asynchronous programming. While Python does not support asynchronous programming like JavaScript. It supports co-routines which, in turn, support asynchronous programming.

Because it is designed in such a way that its code or program can be easily read and understood. Unlike other programming languages, middle brackets () are not used in its program. Interactive learning is about digging in and interacting with the content. Find small coding exercises that allow you to use what you know and slowly expose yourself to new challenges. This will allow you to solidify your current knowledge while getting to know new concepts too. Websites like Leetcode and Hackerrank are great tools for practicing your skills.


If you are interested in learning more about high-paying technology jobs, I suggest checking my earlier post about the10 highest-paid technology jobs for Software Engineers. You can create your web applications using Django and Flask, Can do Data Analysis using NumPy, Scipy, Scikit-Learn, and NLTK. At a bare minimum, you can use Python to write scripts to automate many of your days to day tasks. One of the things I like about Python is its Swiss Army knife nature. It’s not tied to just one thing, e.g., R, which is right on Data Science and Machine learning but nowhere when it comes to web development.

This programming language has already been used to build productivity tools, games, and desktop apps. While Python is considered one of the easiest programming languages for a beginner to learn, it can be hard to master. Anyone can learn Python if they work hard enough at it, but becoming a Python Developer will require a lot of practice and patience.

  • Python will automatically take the type of the variable based on the value.
  • Since completing the computer science track on, I now have a job offer in hand and will be starting my career as a software developer in the coming months.
  • Since it is easy to learn Python by itself, you can teach yourself the core concepts of programming with this language.
  • The great thing about Python is that it was designed with readability in mind.
  • Consistency is very important if you are learning any kind of computer language.
  • In simple words, Python can design programs in a modular style and its code can be reused in many other projects.

There are also many free learning resources online to learn Python and it has a large user community that can help you troubleshoot. Software that computers need to run is created using programming languages. In fact, it might not be a bad idea to learn JavaScript after you learn Python.

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What the employers are hiring for is not a certificate but your skill set which can help them build and grow their company. Beyond that, you will be learning closely with mentors, enabling you to build your thinking process while being guided by mentors. This kind of practical experience can often help in ensuring you have more of a solid foundation to enter into the workplace. If you find it difficult to come up with Python practice projects to work on, watch this video. It lays out a strategy you can use to generate thousands of project ideas whenever you feel stuck.

Is Python difficult to learn

It also contains tutorials and materials covering more advanced topics such as web scraping and creating web APIs. Python has a distinct nomenclature that prioritizes simple syntax. The fact that Python’s nomenclature is simple isn’t a disadvantage.

Along with this, Python is one of the most popular language of the new era. For programmers, because Python is used in everything from software development to web development and creating scientific applications. Python is also called general purpose programming language. Python is one of the easiest languages to learn, one of the most universally popular programming languages, and has so many different uses. If your interests lie closer to algorithms, networking, data science, or machine learning, Python should undoubtedly be the programming language you learn to program with. You can use it to develop machine learning models, write simple scripts, implement a server, analyze data, or create a graphical user interface .

Dont Spend Time Learning The Basics For Too Long To Start Building Projects

In the latest developer survey conducted by StackOverflow Python ranked 4th on the list of most used programming languages and tools, seriously outranking C. Many programmers consider Python to be more powerful than other programming languages like Java and C++. Python is the best programming language because it can create almost anything with the right tools and libraries. Whiteboards and chalkboards are perfect for practicing Python.

Solve Puzzles, Build, And Create Games With Fun Coding In Minecraft

Let your child develop a simple computer program on the whiteboard before testing it with a computer and the results are likely to be positive. Learning Python doesn’t have to mean staring at a computer screen. There are several tools to learn programming that allow for time away from the computer. Using a small programmable computer and Python, kids can build all kinds of interesting real-world gizmos.

Easy Programming Language

Therefore, developing real-time applications with JavaScript is more effective since users won’t suffer from idle behavior. Traditionally, Python was not for creating GUI applications. However, frameworks such as Kivy and BeeWare make mobile development with Python possible. One of the purposes of Node.js is that it was designed for scalability and supports asynchronous programming. Therefore, Node.js is much more suitable for the development of programs that depend on the speed of execution.

Moreover, this programming language is not limited to basic uses. Many programmers consider Python the easiest programming language to learn, although it can still prove difficult to get the hang of. There are many free online resources, Python bootcamps, and online Python bootcamps that can help you learn the language. To choose the right programming language to learn first, consider your career path and which programming language best matches what you need for the job. You might also consider picking the language that interests you most.

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